Principles of Construction Project Management

Construction project management can be described as the leadership, regulation and oversight of a job from early development to end. The best objective of building project management is your complete satisfaction of customer’s requirements for a workable job both concerning performance and price range. There’s a vast selection of construction job types, such as residential, commercial, industrial and significant civil.

  1. Project integration management to make certain that the various project elements are efficiently coordinated.
  2. Project scope management to make sure that all of the work required (and only the essential work) is included.
  3. Project time management to deliver an effective project schedule.
  4. Project cost management to identify needed resources and maintain budget management.
  5. Project quality management to ensure operational requirements are satisfied.
  6. Job human resource management to development and efficiently employ project personnel.
  7. Project communications management to ensure effective internal and external communications.
  8. Project risk management to assess and mitigate potential risks.
  9. Project procurement management to get necessary resources from outside sources.